Be a Guest Chef

The DTLA Dinner Club has grown over the last 10 years and is now proud to feature exclusively professional chefs! Here's some of our basic info - 

  • You must have professional experience to apply
  • You will be cooking for 30 guests
  • Dinners always take place on Wednesday nights
  • You can have all day at the loft for prep
  • Prep in advance in a professional environment is highly recommended
  • You will definitely need help (most chefs come with 3-5 assistants) 
  • You will be cooking in a home kitchen but we do try and provide as much of the equipment that you will need
  • All plates, cups and silverware will be provided (we have multiple plating options to choose from)
  • Most chefs cook between 4-7 courses
  • You are not responsible for cleaning after the event
  • You will plate but guests will handle their own service and bussing 
  • All ingredient costs will be covered
  • Unfortunately, since guests attend for free and there is no monetary component to Dinner Club, we can't afford to compensate chefs or their staff beyond ingredient costs
  • There is no limit to allowed ingredient spending
  • There are no food accommodations at Dinner Club (you do not have to make vegan/vegetarian options etc.) 
  • Chefs have 100% total control over the menu
  • We will provide a photographer who usually shoots 400+ images, of which you will be given to use however you like
  • We will promote you and any project you're working on in our email blasts, on our website and on social media