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Other Projects From The Bridge Team

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 07:00 PM · 13 rsvps

Chinese Laundry at The DTLA Dinner Club

Get ready for an amazing multi course dinner from Chefs Helen and Leo from The Chinese Laundry!!

Run by married couple Helen Li and Leo Lamprides, Chinese Laundry is a catering company that specializes in a fusion of Chinese and Western dishes. Their menu re-interprets and redefines traditional recipes to create a unique culinary experience guaranteed to take customers on a colorful ride with only a bite.

Leo Lamprides is a Portuguese Greek American who was trained under chef David LeFevre when both were at the Water Grill, and was sous-chef for Michael Hung at Faith & Flower. Helen Li is an architect from Beijing who brings her home recipes to the business. The two combine and incorporate their backgrounds and experiences into their one-of-a-kind dishes, incorporating a pantheon of cuisines, from Hainan chicken to Uighur-style meat to Chinese risotto. The couple believe strongly in providing authentic dining experience by making almost everything from scratch, including tortillas, fermented chile sauce, stocks, and pickles.

In the couple’s own words:

"Most importantly, we want to pay homage to the vast and ancient culinary culture of China. We feel that it is so full of wonders, secrets, traditions and wisdom that it would be disrespectful to call our food authentic Chinese. So rather, we launder Chinese cuisine with the best of our evolving understanding."

instagram / facebook: chineselaundrytruck
twitter: laundry_chinese

Special thanks to our sponsor Melissa's Produce!!! Delivering the freshest ideas in produce. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 07:00 PM

Founders Dinner

This is our first event in the Founders Dinner Series!

Founders dinners are smaller and more intimate versions of The DTLA Dinner Club, that feature a celebrity chef and are exclusively open to founders and CEOs of Los Angeles based companies. If you would like to join us, please be sure to REGISTER HERE. If you're accepted you'll receive a private invite link before the event. Due to extremely limited availability not everyone who registers will be admitted to a founders dinner. However, there will be at least one founders dinner a month for the next six months, so there will be multiple opportunities to attend.  

Special thanks to our sponsor Melissa's Produce, delivering the freshest ideas in produce and Compass Accounting provides personalized bookkeeping, financial consulting, & tax services to small and medium sized business.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 07:00 PM

Burgers and CBD Shakes With Chef Jason

More information coming soon!

Special thanks to our sponsor Melissa's Produce!!! Delivering the freshest ideas in produce. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 07:00 PM

DTLA Dinner Club Event

More information coming soon!

Special thanks to our sponsor Melissa's Produce!!! Delivering the freshest ideas in produce. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 07:00 PM

Founders Dinner

The event is open to founders and CEOs of Los Angeles based companies only. 

More information coming soon!

Special thanks to our sponsor Melissa's Produce!!! Delivering the freshest ideas in produce. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 07:00 PM

DTLA Dinner Club Event

More information coming soon!

Special thanks to our sponsor Melissa's Produce!!! Delivering the freshest ideas in produce. 

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A Few Chefs & Special Guests

NBA Star & Entrepreneur John Salley // @TheJohnSalley

A frequent visitor to The DTLA Dinner Club, John is an amazing guest who has sponsored The Club through his vegan wine company The Vegan Vine. It's delicious, click the link and buy a bottle! We know he's a busy man, but we always love it when John can make a dinner party. 

Top Chef Master Susan Feniger // @SusanFeniger

This AMAZING and talented chef was a part of the DTLA Community back in 1998 before it was cool with her iconic Ciudad, now the famous Border Grill. We were so lucky to be able to visit her restaurant for a full dinner and lesson on making churros!! We LOVE Susan, now go check out all her awesome restaurants

Top Chef Illan Hall // @IlanHall

Top Chef Season Two WINNER Ilan Hall was gracious enough to cook multiple dinners for us at The DTLA Dinner Club. He's got several restaurants around the country including our favorite ramen spot just a few black away at Grand Central Market - Ramen Hood!

Food Network's Arnold Myint // @ArnoldMyint

This Top Chef and Next Food Network Star contestant and chef/owner/partner of THREE restaurants and was the host of The Club while Josh was in Bali! A Nashville native, he cut his chops working in Jean Georges Vongerichten’s culinary empire. Click to visit his website for a peek inside his amazing world of food and fun.

Executive Chef Jason Fullilove // @ChefFullilove

This former Executive Chef for Mark Peel at Campanile, was featured on Food Network, Esquire's Knife Fight and has worked for some of the best chefs in the world. We were super excited to get him as a chef for a Dinner Club event and you can find him now with his own restaurant Barbara Jean in the Fairfax neighborhood of LA. 

Councilmember Jose Huizar // @josehuizar

The honorable council-member from the 14th district brought his lovely wife earlier this year for an open forum discussion on the issues effecting our neighborhood over a fantastic meal. We are all happy that he won the election and will continue to represent us. 

The Four Seasons' Chef Hans Srijumnong

Chef Hans cooked up an incredible Four Seasons worthy six course menu that took him hours to prep and serve. Check out the timelapse on the Photos and Videos page of our site. He's now moved on to EveryTable helping to provide fast, delicious and healthy food for all. 

Executive Chef Brian Cripps // @PacciSavannah

After working for the famous Chef Ludo and before heading down south to run the culinary program for Pacci in Savannah, Chef Brian Cripps stopped in and cooked us an amazing meal at The DTLA Dinner Club!! We're so lucky to have gotten him before he left the best coast. 

Josh Gray-Emmer // @joshgrayemmer

Your host of The DTLA Dinner Club, Josh is back from Bali and taking the baton back from amazing chef Chef Arnold Myint! He's the owner of BridGE, a Downtown Los Angeles centric consulting company, and a long time resident of the Historic Core neighborhood. 

Robin Alberts-Marigza // @robinalbertsm

Known as the queen of the biscuit, her last dinner included four different types, one for every course. She's a member of the NationBuilder family and has been a regular sous and lead chef at The DTLA Dinner Club. 

Mike Moschella // @mikemoschella

An ACTUAL Kentucky Admiral (that's one step up from a Kentucky Colonel), Mike is a frequent guest of The Dinner Club as well as our official whiskey educator. His collection of spirits and wealth of knowledge are always a lot of fun. 

Gregory Garman // @gregorygarman

One of our special guests this summer, Gregory was our DJ from Colorado for the big Sunday Funday event this year. He's also played at The Sundance Film Festival, The Winter X-Games, Art Basel, The LiveNation JayZ afterparty and many more. 

Markus Bold // #Mark_Us_Bold_Catering

Also a Downtown Los Angeles resident, Markus has a catering company specializing in quick comfort food done with his own personal flare. We were treated to buttermilk fried chicken and a homemade tangy asian sauce. 

Phil Kregel // #GrillWithPhil

A frequent sous and head chef, his name gives away his specialty, it's all about grilling with Phil! He's even got his own youtube show! One episode was filmed at The DTLA Dinner Club HQ, now go do some googling. 

Sophie Balmer // SibylSophia

Did you spot the beautiful flowers in the photos of the last Dinner Club event? Sophie did that. She's a NationBuilder family member as well as being a resident of The Dinner Club HQ building. She's nearly a pro-chef! 

Carlin Scrudato // @Cscrudato

Another NationBuilder family member, this force in the kitchen can COOK! She's done a few now and everything is always top of the line. Carlin has some of the coolest friends around and they always come out for her cooking. 

Ryan Vaillancourt // @RVaillancourt

One of the original members of the Wednesday Night Dinner crew, Ryan is a resident of The Dinner Club HQ and a multi-time sous and lead chef. He's always one of the favorites, and is always sold out. 

Joe Conte // @JoeConte

Former resident at The Eldorado, Conte brings the vegan to The DTLA Dinner Club. 


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District 8 Media // DTLA Book

DTLA Book is an annual coffee table guidebook for visitors and residents to enjoy DTLA like an insider. The book will be distributed in hotel rooms, residences, and boutiques in DTLA and surrounding areas. The content covers this rapidly evolving part of the city, as well as other thriving L.A. destinations, with features on art, shopping, culture, and secret eating/drinking spots, and notable individuals in the community.

Whole Foods Market DTLA

As a true member of the community, Whole Foods Market sponsors awesome programs around the neighborhood, and The DTLA Dinner Club is honored to be among them. All ingredients for The DTLA Dinner Club are sourced by #WFMDTLA. 

The Choubacha Family

Kevin and Chanel Choubacha have graciously donated a complete set of "Made in LA" glasses to The DTLA Dinner Club. Thanks guys!!

Ploom Vaporizer Products

Sleek, portable and the absolute pinnacle in vaporizing, the Ploom is a totally unique smoking experience. They sent teams to give away and educate our guests on The Ploom and the Pax. 

The Vegan Vine Wine Company

Owned by Celebrity John Salley, this company is dedicated to a quality cruelty free product that tastes amazing and is affordable for everyone. We are honored to have had them as a previous sponsor. 

Border Grill Restaurant

We got to meet the Top Chef Masters founders at their downtown LA location, for a very special dinner, and then they sent chefs to us for three dinners. We love Border Grill!! 

The Los Angeles Philharmonic

For one amazing evening we got to eat with the musicians before the show and sit right behind the orchestra for the whole thing. Waves from the musicians made the night. Everyone went back. Mission accomplished. 

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