Chefs Ben Secor and Grandmaster Jojo

After FIVE YEARS, we are so happy to welcome back Chef Grandmaster Jojo in collaboration with amazing chef and bread master Ben Secor. Both chefs are highly accomplished and come with an amazing and unique perspective and we can't wait to see what they can do together. Check them out on Instagram at @grandmasterchefjojo and @madebybennyb.


Born in Detroit, some of Joseph Joudi Saady’s (aka Chef Jojo) earliest memories of cooking came at the age of four or five with his grandmother (sitto in Lebanese). Growing up, his family ran a gas station with a café attached. His first kitchen job was helping Sitto collect grape leaves for dinner and tending to the deep fryer. 

When the Saady family moved from Detroit to Palmdale, CA, Jojo’s interest in cooking blossomed and he became fascinated with food on a molecular level. But with no money for culinary school, Chef Jojo let the streets of Southern California be his classroom. He credits everything he learned from the street food vendors in the Palmdale scene. With only a deep fryer at his disposal, Chef JoJo was able to grow the family business through selling to the field workers. What started out as a simple chicken-and-fries operation expanded into sandwiches and wraps. Before long, the family was able to move into their first restaurant.

From his stylish fits and tattoos, to his signature sense of humor, to his dedication to quality cuisine, everything about Chef Jojo makes him an appealing and exciting creator on OnlyFans. Having just wrapped its second season and first-ever Superfinals challenge, This Is Fire has been a stand-out original show for OFTV. Though it’s a competition, Chef Jojo’s kitchen is a fun and supportive place. He’s always there to give the amateur chefs advice and hand right when they need it most. 

I'm Chef Ben or Ben Secor, from Baltimore Maryland. I went to culinary school in Maryland & helped open up a fine dining restaurant right out of school for Chef Thomas Zippelli who worked under Thomas Keller & Daniel Humm. After 9 nine months I picked up everything and moved to Los Angeles. I've worked in a bunch of places here but most notable was Scratch Bar & Kitchen a 23 course fine dining restaurant. I was the sous chef there up until COVID shut our doors. Scratch Bar is owned by Phillip Frankland Lee who just recently won 2 Michelin Stars. During quarantine I picked up baking and starting working at a bakery which I now help run called Hasi Bread in studio city & I also work with The Herbal Chef, a fine dining cannabis infused private chef service. 

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May 08, 2024 at 7:00pm - 10pm
The El Dorado Penthouse
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