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Gelateria Uli

Gelateria Uli was founded by Uli Nasibova in Downtown Los Angeles. Their gelato and sorbet is made fresh daily in their kitchen in the Spring Arcade building in the heart of Downtown's historic core neighborhood. At their two locations, they also serve fine espresso drinks, along with an array of fresh pastries.

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Ionic is passionate about crafting the finest small batch cannabis oils and cannabis concentrates in the world. Their pillars of Quality, Responsibility and Respectability are the guiding principles that have inspired the distinctive finish and curated experiences that they create.

Working with Lee's designed Ori at Gaga Builders made the new kitchen a reality. Really, all I need to say is on-time and under-budget. Email him and tell them I sent you. Ori Botzer [email protected].

If you've been to The DTLA Dinner Club and wonder why the new kitchen looks so awesome, it's because of LCD+D. Call up Lee and tell him you want the same. Legit, the best architect in town.

Based in Los Angeles and inspired by the sun-soaked roofs of Portugal and Spain, CASANOI's new luxury collections bring a vibrant elegance to your dinner presentations.

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Hotel California Tequila

Welcome to the tequila that celebrates the way of life in Baja, California. Distilled with the finest organic Blue Weber Agave in Los Altos de Jalisco (Highlands of Jalisco) with two generations of tequila making history. Enjoy the award-winning tequila in your favorite cocktail or sipped neat. 
IG & FB @hotelcaliforniatequila

The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley

Headquartered in Napa, California, The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley, LLC overlooks the familiar statue of a grape press that officially welcomes visitors to the celebrated wine-producing region of Napa Valley. The company’s corporate office hosts visiting customers and foodservice professionals. With a vast network of foodservice distributors throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, The Perfect Purée continues to grow and enjoy status as the United States market share leader in frozen fruit purees. The company’s products are also available to home enthusiasts on their website,

Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits

With Lyre’s it’s up to you – replace some of the alcohol in your drink to make a low alcohol Lyre’s or make your classic favorites as a no-alcohol option simply by selecting from the many Lyre’s variants in our extensive range.  We craft our spirits to taste just like the classics they pay homage to. We source the finest all natural essences, extracts and distillates from the four corners of the globe.  At the risk of blowing our own bugle, this is quite simply the finest range of non-alcoholic classic spirits the world has ever seen.

With over 20 years of experience supplying the Finest Specialty Seafood and Meats to the Finest restaurants, J & J  are excited to fulfill your restaurant needs. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.

Tuxton Home is, a quality provider of restaurant-grade kitchenware. They specialize in products ranging from ceramic dinnerware and bakeware, to stainless steel cookware and accessories.  Their chip-resistant dinnerware and bakeware are made from zero-porosity vitrified china and safe for use in freezers, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers.