Chefs Jerk Muva, Bre Jackson and Ayo Cherry RETURN!

Three of my very favorite DTLA Dinner Club Chefs are BACK for the ultimate colab!! You never know what you're gonna get when their powers combine. Check their bios out below and follow them on Instagram at - @itsayocherry @chefbrejackson and @jerkmuva.


Chef Bre Jackson

Having worked her way through some of LA’s best restaurants like Jon and Vinny’s, Petit Trois, Broken Spanish, Bottega Louie and more, Chef Bre is now working as an independent chef. Using culinary influence from her Southern roots and LA background, the trained pastry chef is a triple threat in the kitchen who loves to seamlessly fuse different cultures and cuisines together on a plate. She has been featured in the LA Times and BuzzFeed.

Chef Ayo Cherry

I grew up working in my auntie's restaurant "South Side Diner," in Tallahassee, Florida. I still remember what it was like going there everyday, how she knew everyone's orders as soon as they walked in. She knew their names, their kids, hell she knew if they weren't supposed to eating the fried foods anymore. That's how I learned southern hospitality. 

Fast forward about 15 years and thanks to a referral from a chef and a great steak I became the private chef for Lil Wayne, officially landing my first celebrity client. From there I have cooked for people I could only imagine. Travis Barker, Da Baby, and a few others. In addition to my clients I create recipes and videos on Buzzfeed and I won Supermarket Stakeout on Food Network! 

Chef Jerk Muva

Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Ashley Morgan, better known as Jerk Muva, was born to a Jamaican mother and African-American father. Ashley was introduced to two distinct cultures from an early age, and there she developed an appreciation for the nuances that made each culture unique and special in its own way. Her curious nature and love of experimentation led her to the kitchen. She enjoyed watching her mother pour her heart into a delicious meal for the family, while also receiving a front-row seat to the more professional side of cooking through her father’s catering business. Ashley soon developed a love for cooking herself and learned very early on, the power that food has to bring people together and create a shared experience of joy.

In 2015 Ashley’s career as a travel nurse took her across the country to sunny California. Her life in California started off in Santa Barbara and eventually she settled in Los Angeles. On a personal journey and far from home, Ashley was inspired to pursue her creative passion and find ways to bring people together through great food with a touch of love. This desire was the catalyst for the creation of Jerk Muva’s Creations. A company born to feed the mind, body and soul. The Jerk is representative of Ashley’s Jamaican upbringing and love for that culture, while Muva represents her desire to empower women. Being a product of two cultural backgrounds, naturally, Ashley adopted a fusion style that has led her to develop delicious and unique staple dishes such as her“Jerk Chicken Egg Rolls” and “Oxtail Grilled-Cheese Sandwich”.

To this day, she continues to push the envelope with her dishes while maintaining the fundamental culinary principles she learned in her formal training as a Chef, from the New School of Cooking school. So whether it’s at one of her pop-up events on Sundays or if you book her for catering or private chef engagement, you will feel the essence of Jerk Muva in everything this fearless Chef has to offer the world. 

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June 12, 2024 at 7:00pm - 10pm
The El Dorado Penthouse
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