Chef Dean Patrick Ramirez

Chef/Co-Owner of The Lone Crow (moto-food-story) and Chef and Curator of Birdhaus Beer Garden, both located in Union City Ca in the Bay Area. Passionate about his own Filipino culture and learning the dishes behind them, Dean creates gourmet street food and brings the feeling of home to each dish. Island inspired cuisine is what Dean brings to the table using both modern and traditional techniques to his dishes. It's all about community, “I work closely with the Union City farmers market and utilize all local farmers for our restaurant.” Bringing collaborations to a small city he grew up in, while bringing new life into the city.

Putting a twist on traditional dishes is what Dean and The Lone Crow is about - Riding choppers, making badass dishes and sharing a story through food to remember.

The Lone Crow started during the pandemic after getting laid off all his gigs. Having the downtime and going through the mental roller coaster brought light to create something himself and share his culture. Taking everything he’s learned in 15 years in the food industry into something special for his hometown has been the goal, but also bringing it to the world to share how crazy and passionate he is.

“I can go on and give you a amazing background/culinary story, but if you wanna know more fuck a screen come have dinner with me. Mahalo Salamat.”

Find him on Instagram at - @DeanPatrickRamirez @The.Lone.Crow

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