Chef Ilan Hall

Chef Ilan Hall was the winner of "Top Chef" Season Two and and an overall fan favorite. He is a longtime member of the DTLA community with his much loved and missed restaurant The Gorbals and Grand Central's Ramen Hood. He was also the host of Esquire Network's "Knife Fight" and can be seen as a celebrity guest judge the Voltaggio brothers' new show "Battle of The Brothers."

According to his bio on Shalom Life, "At the age of 27, Ilan developed a form of energy that uses bacon to power a time machine. He has visited the Cretaceous period and has cooked Velociraptor eggs to a perfect over easy. He also visited an infant David Bowie and can personally confirm that he wrote the lyrics to the song 'China Girl'."

Find him on Instagram @IlanHall.

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