Chef Rich Medina

At a very young age, Richard Medina always turned to some form of art to express himself, which would later lead him to his passion in the culinary industry. Having been raised in San Francisco, a city immersed with cultural diversity and eclectic cuisines, he introduced his palate to the many bursting flavors the diverse city has to offer. What inspired him to become a chef, was seeing all the joy, passion, and love he felt when expressing his creativity on a plate.  Rich realized his passion for food began to further emerge, knowing his style of cooking would leave guests with a lasting impression.

After graduating San Francisco California Culinary Academy in 1999, Rich was given many opportunities to learn and grow with the latest innovative trends in the food industry. Rich has had the privilege to experience the many wonderful flavors and different techniques offered from many talented chefs in the industry. He was able to expand, educate, and broaden his palate as a diverse chef, and worked his way up through the culinary brigade in the kitchen. His wide breadth of culinary positions and experiences helped him to become the well balanced independent chef he is today. 

His whimsical creative vision of a re-imagined modern take on Filipino cuisine is filled with bold creativity. The memorable flavors of sweet, salty, umami, and savory dishes will transport your palate to experience his Filipino island heritage. 

Rich has been residing in Southern California for the past four years. With nearly more than a decade of dedicated and formal culinary training, Rich is enthusiastic to share with you dishes that are reminiscent of childhood memories of what his mother cooked for their family before she lost her battle with breast cancer. This can be experienced at monthly pop-up dinner events and at “Da Good Vibes,” a mobile food truck, which will be expected to hit the streets of San Diego in early August of 2021.

Find him on Instagram at @dagoodvibespopup and @goodvibeseats

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