Below are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please don't hesistate to reach out directly to Josh at [email protected] or DM him on Instagram at @DTLAJosh.

Now that I've signed up, how do I get into a dinner??

So you're on the list and you want to join us, what happens now?


It's simple!! You can check the website to see upcoming dinners and you'll get emails during the regular Dinner Club Season (April-November) giving you advanced warning of the time and date when the events will open for RSVPs. Be sure to be by your computer on those dates and times. Once the event listing on the website changes from "Coming Soon" to "RSVP" you can drop in your info and you're IN! Dinner Club reservations are first come first served. HOWEVER, there is another, easier way to get in. GET ON THE WAITLIST for any Dinner that you want to attend. As many as 10 people for each event are selected from the waitlist after people cancel their reservations. 

How much does The DTLA Dinner Club cost?


The DTLA Dinner Club has always been and will ALWAYS be completely 100% free. No ticket price, no tipping. It's about building community in our neighborhood and not profit. Period. We do ask that you bring a bottle of wine, some beer or some booze to share with your fellow Dinner Club guests, but it's not required for entry. 

Do I have to live in Downtown LA to attend?


You DO. Since Dinner Club is a completely free event focused on building community, it's important that you're a neighbor. That means you have to live in Downtown LA to attend. We consider Downtown to be the area bounded by the freeways as well as Chinatown. We do also make acceptions for people who contribute to helping make our neighborhood awesome (for example if you work at the Downtown Women's Center). In general though, WORKING in Downtown LA does not count as LIVING in Downtown LA. If you have questions about whether or not you qualify please email Josh at [email protected]. For those of you who don't live in DTLA, we do have at least a few events a year that are open to all. Usually at larger venues that can accommodate more guests. 

Can I bring a guest to The DTLA Dinner Club?


Unfortunately there are no plus ones for The DTLA Dinner Club. Since we only have 30 seats for every dinner, each person MUST RSVP on their own to gain access. This also helps us make sure everyone is a DTLA resident and gives more people an opportunity to join us and meet their neighbors. 

I have special dietary requirements, will you be able to accommodate me at Dinner Club?


Unfortunately there is no way for us to accommodate special requirements for Dinner Club. PLEASE let us know if you have any severe allergies and we'll make sure that you are not served any dishes that might make you sick, but there will not be a replacement dish available for you. When you signed up you were asked to make a note of any dietary preferences. Guests who marked themselves as vegan or vegetarian for example will be emailed first and given the first opportunity to register to vegan/vegetarian dinners. Menus are locked the Monday before Dinner Club and you're always welcome to email and ask what will be served. If you can't eat what's on the menu for that week we'll move you to the following week without making your apply again. 

I am a chef and would like to cook at The DTLA Dinner Club, how do I make that happen?


We would LOVE to have you!!! Please CHECK OUT THIS PAGE for more info and to apply to be a guest chef. 

I'm not sure if I'm getting emails or signed up correctly, how do I make sure?


You should be getting regular emails from us, but sometimes things go wrong. Just email Josh to check ([email protected]). ALSO make sure you filled out ALL the fields on THIS PAGE including the "Why Are You Awesome" question. Guests who don't answer that question might have additional trouble getting in.